Kolektivo Micro-Grants 2024

Our micro-grants aims to empower changemakers who foster community participation in impactful projects across Curaçao. Our focus is on initiatives where every participant actively engages and contributes to the project.

Teaming up with the Johannes Bosco Foundation and Unicef Office of Innovation, we offer hands-on support, funding, and relevant training to local volunteers and non-profits striving to make a difference.

Applications are now open!

Why participate in Grants?

People like you, local volunteers, and nonprofits are essential drivers of well-being on the island. You go where others are unwilling to go and do everything you can to make a big difference! We want to help you have an ever bigger impact through hands-on support and funds.

250-2500 ANG

Receive funding for your projects

Online Application

Simple and quick application process

Personalized Guidance

From the Kolektivo team and partners

Apply for Kolektivo Grants 2024

Applying for a grant is easy with our online application form. The application period for micro grants is open now until April 12th at 10 am.

Click on the buttons below to start your application process in English or Papiamentu.

Create Impact with Kolektivo

We're actively looking for partners and sponsors to help impact projects. Your help can mean a lot for the Kolektivo Grants program. If you would like to significantly impact your island with Kolektivo, please contact us.

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