Kolektivo Food Forests

​Food Forests are diverse planting of edible plants that attempt to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature to create a fully sustainable ecosystem that yields nutritious and healthy food while improving soil and ecological conditions.

The food forests generate value for nature and humans by practicing regenerative and syntropic agriculture methods. Next to the social value, these systems also can sequester substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contribute to water retention and biodiversity increase.

Curaçao Food Forest Map

The syntropic agriculture movement is very active on Curaçao, with over 30 food forests created by locals. The Kolektivo team has mapped the existing food forests to develop a knowledge repository and benchmark to allow Food Forests to scale. Kolektivo has also placed multiple weather stations on the island to enhance the information stream and improve the efficiency of the Food Forests.

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Building a forest takes more than just seeds. It takes a community of helping hands to not only build but also maintain. If you feel nature calling this might be the time to answer.

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If you are operating a food forest on Curacao and don't see your plot on the map please feel free to register. Learn more about the benefits and what it means to be part of the Kolektivo Network and methodology

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