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Supporting local changemakers, protecting the environment and organizing impact projects while building tools that communities around the world can use to fuel lasting impact.

Raised in Curaçao

For over 3 years, citizens of Curaçao, together with global partners, have researched and developed new models and technologies to power regenerative developments.

Out of this experimentation, Kolektivo emerged as a framework to enable communities to create complementary economies that fuel the regeneration of people and nature.

After years of hard work, the first Kolektivo Economy will launch in Curacao in 2023.

Powering local impact

Kolektivo supports local changemakers by providing funding, guidance, support, and advice to supercharge their ability to impact the island positively.

Over 40 grants focusing on different impact areas based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals have been issued since the start of Kolektivo Curaçao, with more than 1200 people participating in supported projects.

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Managing ecological

Nature is the backbone of human society, but is often undervalued by it. As a result, natural systems are exploited to facilitate short-term human needs. This exploitation has led to an imbalance, where nature is no longer able to sustain the current ways of human living.

Kolektivo creates new methods to properly value and develop natural systems. In Curaçao, we support multiple Food Forest that produce natural fruits and vegetables while regenerating the biosphere.

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Gatherings that shape our Kolektivo culture

We host events and workshops that connect, educate and activate. Local changemakers gather regularly at our Ban Topas (Meetups), aspiring grantees gather for our Grant Info sessions, and our yearly conferences attract dozens of international speakers, partners, and innovators. The next big event is Kolektivo Festival, hosted on October 22nd, 2022.

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