Regenerative economy for Curaçao

Kolektivo is an impact network on Curaçao that focuses on creating regenerative development, improving society's wellbeing in a way that builds the capacity of our support systems needed for future growth.

With our technologies and approaches, we aim to re-invent traditional value exchange to create an economic system  that values and stimulates regenerative development.

How Kolektivo Regenerates


Kolektivo supports local changemakers by giving grants to support regenerative initiatives on Curaçao. Since 2019, over 40 grants have been given, impacting more than 1.000 persons.

In addition to funding, Kolektivo supports grantees with advice, network, and knowledge that allow grantees to have an even more significant impact on society and nature. We recently completed our second wave of Grants and are now preparing for the third wave of grants to be issued in Q1 2023.

Regenerative Projects

​Kolektivo manages multiple regenerative projects in Curaçao. Since 2020, we have supported dozens of local farmers with knowledge, resources,​​ and support to create their Food Forest using regenerative agriculture methods.

We also created our own Food Forests in Scherpenheuvel, Otrobanda, and Barber. The Kolektivo Food Forests are all equipped with sensors to measure the conditions and impact. We are now developing a Guidebook based on our learnings that will help scale Food Forest on Curacao and beyond.

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Community Currency

Community Currencies are local or regional currencies that can be spent in a specific area for goods and services. Community Currencies function as a compliment to FIAT currencies to support local trade of goods and services. Over 4,000 community currencies exists globally. Benefits of Community Currencies include increase in local trade and additional funding for local development.

Kolektivo is creating a framework to create Community Currencies that are backed by the Natural Assets created in a region with the aim to finance local development and support community well-being. We will soon pilot the technology in Curaçao by creating the Kolektivo Guilder and running various experiments. Interested in participating? Fill in the form below.

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The Kolektivo Network

Over the past four years, Kolektivo has grown into a global network of partners and developers that share the vision of Kolektivo to create a toolkit for local regenerative economies.

This global alliance operates together as the Kolektivo Network. The Kolektivo Network comprises 6 R&D organizations supported by a network of partners working together to progress Kolektivo.

Recently the Kolektivo Network released the Kolektivo Bluepaper, a technical breakdown of the Kolektivo framework and the role the Kolektivo Network aims to fulfill. The Bluepaper and additional resources can be found on the Kolektivo Network website.

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The Changemakers

Meet the dedicated team behind Kolektivo Curaçao